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Hydraulic system engineer

Job Responsibilities:

1. Understand hydraulic principles and design assembly drawings and piping diagrams;

2. Master hydraulic system design calculations, and be able to select and test hydraulic components;

3. According to the product development plan, complete the design task of the product hydraulic system on time, complete the trial production of new products (production follow-up, debugging, test), and deal with hydraulic related failures;

4. Able to repair equipment failures and propose effective solutions;

job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in hydraulics or mechatronics; more than 3 years of engineering machinery hydraulic drive system development experience; skilled application of CAD and CREO software;

3. Familiar with the results and principles of various hydraulic components, be able to independently design and improve hydraulic systems, and be able to independently complete the drawing of parts required by various hydraulic systems;

4. Have strong communication skills and coordination skills;

Application Notes

Applicants need to submit: scanned copies of your resume, ID card, relevant certificates and other materials.

legal specialist

Job Responsibilities:

1. Implement national laws and regulations and put forward legal opinions and suggestions on the company's business decisions, track and monitor various legal risks in a timely manner in daily work, and correct deviations in a timely manner;

2. Handle the company's internal legal affairs, ensure the legality of the company's economic activities, and promptly guide and answer the legal issues of various departments in their daily work;

3. Responsible for assisting in drafting, reviewing and revising various company contracts and legal documents, assisting in contract negotiation, signing and performance, supervising the implementation of major contracts and putting forward constructive suggestions and solutions to legal risks;

4. Participate in the company's major external negotiations, put forward reasonable suggestions for the legal issues involved in the negotiations, and grasp the negotiations from the perspective of legal legality;

5. Organize and compile case materials, timely interface with the company's contracted law firm, resolve relevant legal disputes on behalf of the company, participate in relevant negotiations, mediation, arbitration and litigation, and archive and manage relevant materials;

6. Promptly organize learning and training of newly promulgated or revised laws and regulations closely related to business work, and regularly organize various legal cases to organize company employee training to improve the legal awareness and legal literacy of company employees.

job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, law, law and other related majors, pass the national judicial examination, and have a lawyer qualification certificate is preferred;

2.1 years of legal work experience, those with legal work experience in foreign trade companies are preferred;

3. Practical personality, high efficiency, rigorous legal professionalism, good organization and coordination ability, and a strong sense of work responsibility;

4. Have strong learning ability, good writing skills and good language expression ability.

Application Notes

Applicants need to submit: scanned copies of your resume, ID card, relevant certificates and other materials.

finance professional

description of job:

1. The company's daily expenses review, accounting, tax declaration, etc., monitor and inspect the budget implementation on a monthly basis.

2. Summarize and edit monthly and annual accounting statements, conduct financial analysis, and provide relevant leaders with complete and reliable data.

3. Participate in asset inventory work, ensure the authenticity of accounting information, and correctly organize and keep accounting files. Cooperate to complete internal and external audit work.

job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above in finance, accounting, economics and other related majors;

2. Relevant professional titles with junior titles or above are preferred;

3. Familiar with the processing of accounting statements, accounting regulations and tax laws, proficient in the use of financial software, proficient in the application of financial and office software, etc.;

4. Careful and meticulous, dedicated to work, hard-working, have good professional ethics; have good communication skills; have strong independent learning and work ability, work steadfastly, earnestly, carefully, and proactively

Application Notes

Applicants need to submit: scanned copies of your resume, ID card, relevant certificates and other materials.

Public Relations Specialist

Job Responsibilities:

1. Communicate and coordinate the relationship between the organization and important public

2. Listen to users' opinions, collect, sort, and analyze public information related to the organization's image, and provide organization managers with consulting suggestions on organization's image management;

3. Develop the company's brand image communication plan, edit, produce and distribute the company's promotional materials, and be responsible for the company's news release and brand image communication;

4. Planning and editing the company's internal organization publications, including company employee communications and shareholder reports;

5. Participate in formulating product promotion and service promotion, planning and organizing special public events, and evaluating them;

job requirements:

1. Requires strong written language and oral expression skills, communication skills, relationship management skills and keen observation;

2. Ability to research, consult, plan and organize public relations activities;

3. Excellent negotiation skills;

4. Strong psychological endurance, strong will, mature thinking style, open character, wide range of hobbies, good temperament;

Application Notes

Applicants need to submit: scanned copies of your resume, ID card, relevant certificates and other materials.