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Water filter element
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Oil filter/oil filter car
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Industry-specific filtration

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Case of steel mill in Shanghai
Customers have high requirements for water quality and large amounts...
Case of spinnery in Jiangsu Provence
The utility of the filter element in the textile industry is mainly ...
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Case of glass fiber sintered filter element in natural gas industry
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Case of solution filtration in a chemical plant
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Coalescence filter element case of Nepal thermal power plant(1)
In September 2020, an old Colombian customer sent us pictures of the...
Henan Tefilter Filtration Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Jinshui area of Henan Free Trade Zone. It is an enterprise integrating scientific research, production, sales and service. The main products supplied are filter elements, filters, oil filters, hydraulic systems and other environmental prote...
Imported materials from the United States and South Korea are durable and efficient in filtering!
Adopting arc folding technology, large dirt holding capacity and high passability!
Small initial resistance, large dirt holding capacity, high temperature and high pressure resistance, corrosion resistance!
Advanced design, high-quality filter materials, modern technology, durable products!