Case of spinnery in Jiangsu Provence

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The utility of the filter element in the textile industry is mainly the purification and uniform filtration of the polyester melt in the drawing process, the protection and filtration of the air compressor, and the degreasing and water removal of the compressed gas. Therefore, when we equip our customers with filter elements and filtration systems Mainly from these three aspects, according to the high pressure section, the medium pressure section, the oil return section and the oil suction section, and considering the different accuracy and pressure difference, 12 types of filter elements are provided.


Filtration accuracy: 0.5μm, 1μm, 5μm, 10μm, 20μm, 30μm, 50μm, 75μm, 100μm

Inner diameter of filter element: 28mm, 30mm

Outer diameter of filter element: 55mm~115mm

Filter length: 10', 20', 30', 40'

Case of spinnery in Jiangsu Provence

Polypropylene wire filter element can be used for non-organic solvents such as acids and alkalis, chemical solutions, etc., and the use temperature is ≤60℃

The center rod of the absorbent cotton fiber filter element is made of stainless steel for organic solvents, water, oil, alkaline solutions, beverages, medicines, etc.

Operating temperature 120℃

Center rod: polypropylene, stainless steel

Filter element material: polypropylene, absorbent cotton

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The hydraulic system machine generally needs to replace the hydraulic oil after 2000 hours of operation, otherwise it will pollute the system and cause system failure. We check the color, viscosity, smell, oil pressure, and analyze the carbon content, colloids (olefins) and sulfides in the engine oil and the impurities, paraffin and moisture content in diesel oil. Measure the most suitable accuracy at the use site. As some machines need to have higher corrosion resistance, we have also done anti-corrosion treatment on the product materials, whether it is apron gaskets or skeleton filter materials, we adopt new material formulas.

Case of spinnery in Jiangsu Provence

Case of spinnery in Jiangsu Provence

Case of spinnery in Jiangsu Provence

Case of spinnery in Jiangsu Provence

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Help us choose the most suitable filter element, and also provide technical support for our filtration system. A high-quality supplier should be like this, not for the pursuit of pure sales, but for the customer’s equipment. The unit price is high. , But the overall calculation does save the cost of maintenance equipment.

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