Coalescence filter element case of Nepal thermal power plant(1)

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In September 2020, an old Colombian customer sent us pictures of their shield tunneling site, which is a project of the Colombian railway system. The customer hopes that we can help him collect all the filter elements related to the shield system, so as to stabilize the customer in the local shield system filter element market. We have customized the shield machine model for it, and subdivided the model according to the application, and matched the most suitable filter element in each part of the shield machine.

Coalescence filter element case of Nepal thermal power plant(1)

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There are a total of 14 categories and 34 products. The same model can be used for different machines in the shield machine. The pressure and flow accuracy and other information are also designed according to the requirements of each component.

live situation

The following are photos taken by customers at the shield site to show us their customer needs. We disassembled each machine in the entire shield system according to the model, and divided it into Class A filter, charge pump outlet filter element, and gear oil circulation system. Filter element, cutter head charge pump filter element, auxiliary pump suction filter element, tube piece assembly system filter element, activated carbon filter element, control pump outlet filter element, cooling system filter element, stone crusher filter element, propulsion cylinder group filter element, grease centralized lubrication system filter element, main bearing roller Road filter element, grouting pump filter element, etc.

Customer Reviews

I am very grateful to Tefete for spending a lot of time to help us explain the model. The very detailed product division has given us a lot of help, so that we have a better understanding of this industry, and it also provides help for us to gain market share in the future. We are very trustworthy. And suppliers who are willing to cooperate for a long time.

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