Zhengzhou Charity Day, our company actively participates in the charity fundraising activities organ

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In order to further improve the fundraising ability and social mobilization ability of charitable organizations, gather more social forces, and pass on the positive energy of charity, on October 13th, enterprises and institutions, social organizations, party members and residents of Wenya Community Organization's jurisdiction will be held at Jinyin Modern City No. 4 In the square in front of the building, the charity fundraising activity 'Charity One Day Donation Is Strong Feeling' was launched.

Zhengzhou Charity Day, our company actively participates in the charity fundraising activities organ

The Wenya community took advantage of the opportunity to launch a charity day to vigorously promote the role and significance of charity development, combining this activity with the practice of learning and education, promoting traditional Chinese virtues, and strengthening the construction of civic morality, and mobilize everyone to participate in charitable activities Enthusiasm and self-consciousness. There is true love in the world, and everyone gathers firewood and the flames are high. The resident units, enterprises, property companies, party members, merchants and residents in Wenya community enthusiastically supported and participated actively, alleviating the poor and building harmony, and finally raised more than 160,000 yuan in donations.

Carrying out 'Charity Day' activities is an effective carrier to promote the traditional virtues of poverty alleviation and an important way to promote the progress of social civilization. All walks of life in Wenya community actively participate in charitable donation activities, so that the social forces in the jurisdiction are united, and the people's livelihood is improved and the society is harmonious. The funds raised in the charity one-day donation event will provide precise assistance, and extensive activities such as 'helping the poor, helping students, helping doctors, helping the disabled, helping the elderly, and helping the orphans' will be carried out.

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