At the end of 2020, the sprint battle started in Songshan

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On October 24-25, all employees of Tefelt Filtration Company went to the top of Songshan Mountain to hold the 2020 sprint meeting at the end of the year.

At the end of 2020, the sprint battle started in Songshan

2020 is an extraordinary year. The new crown pneumonia COVID-19 raged across the country at the beginning of the year, posing a great threat to the physical and mental health of the people across the country, and also causing a huge negative impact on China and the global economy.

Tefit Filtration Co., Ltd. worked with the people of the whole country to fight the epidemic and recover the economy. Under the correct leadership of the government, after 9 months of all-out efforts, my country's economic growth has turned positive. Tefit Filtration Company has also achieved better performance. So far, the performance has not decreased but increased compared with last year. Thanks again to customers in more than 30 countries at home and abroad for their strong support, and thank you all the family members of Tefete.

In the last three months of this year, we sprint together, work hard for everyone, serve every customer, and make every product well. Draw a perfect end to 2020.

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