2020 high-quality development forum of construction and maintenance equipment and hydraulic transmis

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On October 22, 2020, the 2020 High-Quality Development Forum for Construction and Maintenance Equipment and Hydraulic Transmission Control Technology held a total of 150 members and representatives of the Standards Committee, international standards expert consultants, observers, working group secretaries and secretariat staff attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Li Yongshun, chairman of the National Hydraulic and Pneumatic Standardization Technical Committee, delivered a speech, Duan Lianguo, Secretary-General of the Pneumatic Sub-Bidder, Gao Jingru, Secretary-General of the Sealing Sub-Bidder, Jin Tao (Du Lipeng), Secretary-General of the Pollution Control Sub-Bidder, and Luo Jing, Secretary-General of the Hydraulic Sub-Bidder The 2016 secretariat work reports of the sub-bidding committees were made around the standardization work situation and the relevant policies and requirements of the committee construction. The meeting heard work reports from the four standards working groups. Among them, Member Yang Yongjun of Jiangsu Mechanical Research and Design Institute Co., Ltd. introduced the development of the industry standard 'Hydraulic Transmission Electro-hydraulic Push Rod' to the conference; Min Xinhe, Member of Guangzhou Mechanical Science Research Institute Co., Ltd., discussed the source of tasks and the preparation process. Several aspects introduced the completion of the national standard ``Specifications for the determination of airborne sound noise levels of hydraulic motors); Member Lin Guang of Haimen Youweili Hydraulic Industry Co., Ltd. from the national standard ``Hydraulic Transmission Electric Modulation Hydraulic Control Valve Part 2: Part 2: The source of the project and the drafting unit, the actual working process of the implementation plan, the main technical content and technical differences, and the product application status of the 'Three-way Directional Flow Control Valve Test Method' were reported to the conference; Xu Qijun of Hefei Changyuan Hydraulic Co., Ltd. The committee members made comments on the progress of the two industry standards, 'Installation Dimensions of Hydraulic Transmission 16 MPa Series Single Rod Cylinder Part 2: Bore Size 25 mm ~ 220 mm Compact Series' and 'Hydraulic Transmission 25 MPa Series Single Rod Cylinder Installation Dimensions' The report. Subsequently, Wang Xingxiang, a member of Shanghai Bosch Rexroth Hydraulics and Automation Co., Ltd., gave a report entitled 'Proportional Directional Valve Sample Data Test' and introduced the purpose, application scope and process of proportional directional valve sample data test to the participants; Wuhan Science and Technology Dr. Qian Xinbo from the university gave a report entitled 'Reliability Test Method of Electromagnetic Reversing Valve', and communicated with the delegates from four aspects: reliability test purpose, typical failure mode, and test process case analysis.

2020 high-quality development forum of construction and maintenance equipment and hydraulic transmis

At the meeting, the heads of the six working groups of the Hydraulic Sub-Bidder Committee made reports on the work plan of the working group. They were: Yang Yongjun, the head of the hydraulic system working group, Xu Qijun, the head of the hydraulic pump working group, and Zhang Honghu, the head of the hydraulic cylinder working group. , Li Yuejun, head of the hydraulic valve working group, Feng Shibo, head of the hydraulic motor working group, and Luo Xuerong, head of the hydraulic pipe fittings working group. The meeting also reviewed the hydraulic standard system, discussed whether the standard names in the standard system should be revised one by one and put forward suggestions for revision. Participating representatives from 17 enterprises including Guangzhou Academy of Machinery Science and Technology Co., Ltd. gave speeches, introduced their respective units' profiles, product technologies, and enterprise standardization work, and put forward some suggestions for the Standardization Committee and standardization work.

At the meeting, the Hydraulic Sub-Bidder Committee commended advanced individuals and standard-setting leaders who performed outstandingly in standardization work, and issued honorary certificates and bonuses for encouragement. At the same time, a letter of appointment was issued to the newly hired observers. Finally, Li Yongshun, the chairman of the National Hydraulic and Pneumatic Standardization Technical Committee, made a concluding remarks at the meeting, combined with the current industry development status, and the country's requirements for standardization work and industry needs in the new era, and put forward various requirements for the work of the committee.

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