Air compressor hydraulic oil filter

Air compressor hydraulic oil filter

Product description

This hydraulic oil filter element is used in the hydraulic oil system to continuously filter impurities and moisture in the oil. Ensure the normal operation of the system.

Filter material: metal mesh, glass fiber, oil filter paper, PP cotton.

The filter material comes from the United States HV, LYDALL, South Korea AHLSTROM and Nanjing Fiberglass Design Institute

Filtering accuracy:

Glass fiber:1-70μm;

Stainless steel mesh:3-400μm;

Filter paper:5-40μm

Working temperature:-20℃-160℃

Maximum working pressure: 430 kg

Specifications: It can be used for more than 30,000 models of filters of more than 60 brands such as pall, hydac, etc. Other sizes and accuracy can be customized.

Factory inspection standards:

ISO 2941 pressure test

ISO 2942 integrity test

ISO 2943 material oil liquid solubility test

ISO 3723 end load test

ISO 3724 Flow fatigue characteristics

ISO 3968 pressure drop flow characteristics

ISO 16889 filtration ratio/contamination holding capacity

Application industries: power plants, steel mills, shield machines, mining, papermaking, petroleum, shipbuilding, chemicals, textiles, various power machinery and other industries.

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