Air compressor oil and gas separator filter element

Air compressor oil and gas separator filter element

Product description

The separator is composed of a metal shell, filter element, flange, gasket and spring,

The working principle of the oil and gas separator filter element is 'polymerization'. When the compressed air containing oil mist passes through the oil-air separator filter element, the micron-level glass fiber layer separates the oil droplets from the gas, then agglomerates into larger oil droplets and returns to the compressor oil circuit. This separation process can reach the sub-micron level, thereby ensuring that the oil consumption of the compressor and the amount of oil entering the compressed air pipe network are minimal. Ensure its normal operation.

Filter material:It is made of ultra-fine glass fiber composite filter material from American HV Company and American Lydall Company, which has excellent performance and good filtering effect. The mist-like oil and gas mixture in the compressed air is filtered out by 99.9% when it passes through the filter element of the air compressor oil and gas separator.

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