Plate and Frame Air Filter for Centrifugal Air Compressor

Plate and Frame Air Filter for Centrifugal Air Compressor

Product description

The air filter is located at the front end of the air compressor to filter and purify the dust, sand, moisture, oil mist and other impurities in the air entering the air compressor, so that the incoming air maintains a high degree of cleanliness.

U.S. HV company ultra-fine glass fiber is selected as the filter material, and the folded filter material is supported by metal mesh, offset paper or aluminum foil plate; it is sealed with a new high-temperature resistant polyurethane sealant; aluminum alloy and stainless steel plates are made of the outer frame. Mainly used to filter air suspended particles below 0.3um. Good passability, low resistance, pleated technology, high filtration efficiency.

Air filter elements with different size and precision can be customized according to customer requirements.

Applicable models: Ingersoll Rand, Atlas, Fusheng, Chekato, GD, Caesar, Ai Gao, Feihe, Deslan, Windmaster, Guli, CompAir, Liuzhou Fidelity, Hitachi , Kobelco, Gallus, Kaishan, Red Five Rings, Unitex, etc.

Applicable industries: steel mills, power plants, coal mines, chemical plants, paper mills, petroleum, chemical, various machinery plants, etc.

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