Our company conducts in-depth exchanges and cooperation with university experts and scholars on filt

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In order to increase the strength of service industry enterprises and deepen school-enterprise cooperation, on the morning of June 1, the deans of a number of colleges and universities led a group of academic leaders and others to our company's filtration and separation laboratory for investigation and investigation. The laboratory was established in March 2016, and the target is to declare a national laboratory to be an internationally labeled laboratory in the filtration and separation industry. .

Our company conducts in-depth exchanges and cooperation with university experts and scholars on filt

During the investigation, our engineers introduced the development of the filtration and separation laboratory to scholars and experts. At present, more than a dozen advanced filtration and separation technologies, such as the end accuracy test of filter materials, are ready to apply for national patents. It is hoped that experts and scholars will provide support and cooperation in the cultivation of specialized skills and vocational qualification training.

Manager Liu introduced the current cooperation with various universities and enterprises, and communicated with experts and scholars on the current needs, development space, and training methods of specialized technical personnel in the filtration and separation industry. The two parties will carry out further docking on the possibility of setting up filtering and separation majors in colleges and universities. At the same time, the two parties will communicate and cooperate in the next stage on talent demand research, teacher construction, 'school-in-plant' construction, and joint construction of training bases. In order to lay the foundation for the establishment of the country's first 'filtration and separation specialty' as soon as possible.

Through this exchange and learning, it played a role in promoting the development of filtration and separation technology and deepening the development of school-enterprise cooperation.

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