Our company holds a knowledge lecture on how to distinguish the quality of air compressor filter ele

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At the request of our customers, our company held an online lecture on how to choose air compressor filter elements and other accessories on September 16th. The technology is explained in a simple way, and the real-time case has been explained for the majority of customers for three hours, which has won unanimous praise from the customers.

Our company holds a knowledge lecture on how to distinguish the quality of air compressor filter ele

Air compressor maintenance and replacement parts include air filter, oil filter, oil riser, and air compressor oil. How should we judge the quality of these parts?

The air filter element can basically be seen. It can be seen by the naked eye mainly by looking at the paper density and quality of the filter element. If the quality is not good, a large amount of impurities and dust will run into the compressor, which will easily block the oil separation element. The internal pressure is too high, causing the safety valve to open and fuel injection.

The quality of the oil filter is not easy to identify. It is mainly judged by the time of use. If the oil pressure is low or the exhaust temperature is too high, most of the reasons are that the oil filter is blocked. As a result, if the quality of the oil filter is not good, it is easy to cause failures in the maintenance of the air compressor.

The consumable of the oil and gas separator is also the most expensive consumable among the four types. The reason for its high price is because of its high cost. The quality of imported oil and gas escalator is better, and its pressure difference ratio is equal to that of the oil filter. Very good, generally replacing the imported oil and gas separator basically guarantees that there will be no oil separation core failure.

Air compressor oil is the blood of air compressors. Choosing a good oil is more important for air compressors. Without good oil, air compressors basically cannot operate normally and perform their functions. We all know about air compressors. The manufacturer does not produce air compressor oil. Air compressor oil is one of the basic petroleum. There are 8000 hours of synthetic oil, but the cost is very high. There are also 4000 hours of synthetic oil because the price of oil is higher. In China, it is basically used by state-owned units, followed by 2000-3000 hours. Oil is common, and the general price is around 800 yuan, which is mostly used in factory installation and maintenance of professional fields. The last is ordinary general-purpose engine oil. This oil is relatively poor on the market. It is generally around 300 yuan. However, after use of this oil, an oil film and coking will form on the pump head, which will lead to high working temperature and large wear of the machine. Many small and medium-sized users in China generally use them due to the cost of maintenance. Oil products are generally divided into these four grades.

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