Centrifugal air compressor oil filter

Centrifugal air compressor oil filter

Product description

The filter element of the oil filter of the centrifugal air compressor is made of American HV company and American Lydall filter material. Remove impurities and other pollutants in the oil, protect the machine, and make the equipment operate normally.

Filtration accuracy: ≤10-15μm

Filtration efficiency: ≥99.5%

Service life: 2200 hours

Testing standard:

(1) ISO 2941 filter element-test method for filter element rupture resistance

(2) ISO 2942 filter element-hydraulic filter element structural integrity test method

(3) ISO 2943 Filter Element-Test Method for Compatibility of Hydraulic Filter Element Material and Liquid

(4) ISO 3723 filter element-end-to-end compliance test

(5) ISO 3724 filter element-determination of fatigue characteristics

(6) ISO 3968 filter element-differential pressure flow characteristics

(7) ISO 4572 filter element-multiple pass method to determine filter characteristics

Applicable brands: Ingersoll Rand, Atlas, Fusheng, CompAir, Liuzhou Fidelity, Hitachi, Kobelco, Garix, Kaishan, Red Fifth Ring, Unitex, etc.

Applicable industries: steel mills, power plants, coal mines, chemical plants, paper mills, petroleum, chemical, machinery plants and other industries.

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