Spin-on oil and gas separator

Spin-on oil and gas separator

Product description

The spin-on separator is composed of a metal shell, a filter element, a flange, a sealing gasket, and a spring, and is used to polymerize and filter the oil mist in the compressed gas.

Working pressure: 0.7-1.0Mpa

Residual amount of gas after separation: ≤3ppm

The compressed air oil mist particles are controlled below 0.1um

Initial pressure difference: 0.15bar-0.25bar

Filtration efficiency: 99.98%

Working temperature:<120℃

Service life: 4000-5000 hours

Installation method: vertical horizontal

Air intake direction: external air intake and internal air intake

Filter material: American HV company and Lydall company superfine glass fiber composite filter material.

Specification: flange outer diameter, threaded connection

Applicable brands: Ingersoll Rand, Atlas, Fusheng, Chekato, GD, Caesar, Ai Gao, Feihe, Deslan, Windmaster, Guli, CompAir, Liuzhou Fidelity, Hitachi , Kobelco, Gallus, Kaishan, Red Five Rings, Unitex, etc.

Applicable industries: steel mills, power plants, coal mines, chemical plants, paper mills, petroleum, chemical, various machinery plants, etc.

Performance parameters:

Working pressure: 0.7-1.0Mpa

Residual gas after separation: less than 3ppm

Compressed air oil mist particles below 0.1um

Initial pressure difference: 0.15bar-0.25bar

Filtration efficiency: 99.99%

Working temperature: < 120 ℃

Working life: 4000-5000h

Installation: vertical horizontal type.

Inlet direction: external intake air intake

Filter material: imported glass fber

Specifcations: flange diameter, thread connection size and height

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